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Croquis Cafe

Photoshop Brushes:

Sycra's CS6 Brush Presets Collection

Sycra's CS6 Tool Presets Collection

Bastien Deharme

Mathias Verhasselt (m@) Set 1

Mathias Verhasselt (m@) Set 2

Goro Fujita (Goro)

Thierry Doizon (Barontieri)

Nicolas Ferrand (Viag)

Min Yum (Bumskee)

Maciej Kuciara (CptObvious)

Jaime Jones (Cicinimo)

Johannes Voss (algenpfleger)

Zhu Haibo (zhuzhu)

Clip Studio Paint Brushes:

Sycra's Inking Pen

Sycra's Sketching Pencil

Sycra's Watercolor Brush

Sycra's Paper Texture:

Download Sycra's Paper Texture

Download Sycra's Almost-White Texture

Sycra's Palette Swatch:

Download Sycra's Swatch

Sycra's Face Proportions Guides:

Download Adult Female Face Proportions Guide

Download Adult Male Face Proportions Guide

Sycra's Simplified Anatomy Model:

Download Anatomy Model Chart

Download Variations

Sycra's Colour to Value Reference:

Download Color to Value Reference

Sycra's Split Complementary Color Palette:

Download Color Palette

Sycra's Colour Wheel and Teardrop Gamut Mask:

Download Colour Wheel

Download Teardrop Gamut Mask

Sycra's Guide to The Fundamentals:

Download The Fundamentals Chart

Sycra's Anatomy of the Upper Leg (front) GIF:

Download Muscles of the Upper Leg

'Painter' Style Color Wheel for Adobe Photoshop:


Len White Color Wheel

Art Tutorials:

Anatomy Arcade - Poke a Muscle

Linran's Color Tutorial

Android Arts Color Theory

Doxy's Figure Drawing Tutorials NSFW Itchy Animation Light Tutorial

DOTA 2 - Character Art Guide

Reference Images

Creative Commons (Royalty Free Images)

reference! reference! (Video Clip Reference Site)

Inspirational Artworks (Art Resource Library)

Saint Batholomew (3D Human Anatomy Model)

Average Female Face (Female Facial Features)

Average Male Face (Male Facial Features)

Portraits for Drawing (Portrait Drawing Reference)

How to Draw the Forearm (Forearm Tutorial)

LookBook (Contemporary Fashion Reference)

Armstreet (Medieval Armour/Clothing)

Reference for Period clothing

Not Just an Armor (Medieval Armour/Fashion)

Walking Thru a Fog (Women's Fashion)

Not Just a Witch (Women's Fashion)

OSF Costume Rentals (Historical Armour/Clothing)

CGTextures (Photo Textures)

Virtual Lighting Studio (Portrait Lighting)

Verold - 3D Tools (3D Female Model)

Movies in Color (Color Palettes from Movie Screenshots)

All Movie Photo (Movie Screenshots)

Mjranum Stock (Human Body)

FIGHT (Fighting Poses)

BioDigital Human (Human Anatomy)

Zygote Body (Human Anatomy)

National Geographic (General)

PBase (General)

flickr (General) (General)

Female Skeleton Anatomy (Female Body)

Male Skeleton Anatomy (Male Body)

Asian Hot Star (Female Body) NSFW Kind Girls (Female Body) NSFW MMA Photography (Male Body)

Cartoon Sexy (Female Body) NSFW Character Designs (Male and Female Body)

Major Superficial Muscles (Anatomy)

Character Design Blog (Character Design)

Expressions Reference Project (Facial Expressions)

Art Renewal Center (Master Studies)

Japanese Streets (Clothing)

Danny Williams's Albums (Inspiration)

Get Out of My Hair (Hair)

Colour Scheme Designers:


Color Scheme Designer 3

Colour Test:

FM 100 Hue Test

DPI Print Guide:

imcostalong's Raster Print Rules of Thumb (Printing Information)

Free Fonts:

Recommended Reading


  • ImagineFX Presents How to Draw and Paint: Anatomy
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers
  • Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by George Bridgman
  • Wir zeichnen den Menschen and Der nackte Mensch by Gottfried Bammes
  • Strength Training Anatomy by Frederic Delavier
  • Force Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators by Michael D. Mattesi

Colour Theory

  • Alla Prima Everything I Know About Painting by Richard Schmid
  • Color and Light by James Gurney


  • Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre

General Drawing

Links to Hundreds of Free Art E-Books

  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
  • For everything else I like to read any Andrew Loomis books ( like Figure Drawing for All It's Worth ) and the Famous Artist's Course by a bunch of great artists.


  • Kim Jung-Gi 2007 Sketch Collection
  • Kim Jung-Gi 2011 Sketch Collection
  • Kim Jung-Gi 2013 Sketch Collection